Outdoor space is coveted in any city. In DC, it seems that we are lucky enough to have a little more outdoor space than most major cities. However, there is still the issue of privacy when you are looking to relax on your back patio, deck or rooftop deck.

When building or renovating an outdoor space you want to add privacy but you still want to feel like you are outdoors: sunlight and greenery.  We love the idea of creating a barrier using wood planks with sufficient spaces between each board. This allows sunlight to sneak through while eliminating visual pollution.

TANK 2012 Client photographs
Photo by Lynn Gaffney Architect, PLLCMore modern patio photos

In some situations you have the ability to use natural objects to your advantage. In this project (pictured below) by 11th Property Group we positioned the outdoor entertainment area in a way that the tree blocked the area from the view of many neighbors.


Another great idea is adding a statement cement wall. This acts as a piece of art as well as a practical piece. The windows in the cement allow light to come through as well as let the owner enjoy their view of the city.

Newport Beach Residence